October 23rd, 2011

Housing Authority Sustainability Assessment


Earlier this month, Oystertree Consulting was selected to provide an agency-wide sustainability assessment for the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA). PHA has already been a leader in green building and energy efficiency, having implemented a number of improvements in individual projects, including green roofs, whole building retrofits, and a more aggressive green building project at Paschall Village including geothermal heating and cooling, along with a solar PV installation. Oystertree’s work is intended to augment these successes by incorporating sustainability in all aspects of PHA’s administration, operations and development.

This contract by PHA is an effort to assess its current success and future opportunities regarding green building and sustainability. Oystertree’s work will include efforts to utilities and other resources used by PHA operations, improve indoor air quality and resident comfort throughout the PHA portfolio, and generally contribute to the City of Philadelphia’s Greenworks Philadelphia Plan. This is a short term effort to develop quantifiable metrics as well as a long term plan for continued success. Oystertree Consulting was selected because of our unique combination of expertise in sustainability and deep history working specifically with public housing authorities across the country.

The Philadelphia Housing Authority is the largest landlord in Pennsylvania and the fourth-largest housing authority in the U.S. PHA’s 1,150 employees provide housing and related services to approximately 81,000 residents of Philadelphia in 32,000 units of public housing. Those residents are housed in over 50 separate developments and 4,000 scattered site units, plus 16,000 families receiving Housing Choice Vouchers.

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